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Organisational, Team & Individual Health Checks

You need to know where you, your team or your organisation are right now in order to determine what you need to do to grow, to develop and to progress. Awareness is a pre-requisite of change. We believe that those closest to the action and who feel the responsibility for the impact of their actions know how well things are going.


Your Insight has developed a range of ‘health checks’ to capture what you and your people’s perception is of current performance. The health check covers a set of key areas (we call them cornerstones) and uses statements per cornerstone that describe ‘what good looks like’. 


We ask your stakeholders to score the organisation, the team or themselves in terms of how well they think it is doing against those statements and how important they think that is. By doing this online we can segment the responses by group or demography of respondents. 


The results give you an insight into how well the organisation, the team or you are doing in the various areas and where those perceptions of performances differ between the various stakeholder groups.  These insights are the basis for conversations that identify strengths and areas where agreed actions can make things work (even) better. Health checks are quick and provide very rich insights, your insights!

We do health checks in Key Account Management, for Strategic Alliances/ Partnerships and for cross functional, project and executive Teams.

Organisational, team & individual health checks
Coaching & mentoring
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Coaching & Mentoring


Most of the time, deep down, we already know what is needed to do things better, to make things better and to do things right. This can be uncovered through positive and engaging (at times challenging) conversations and by being given time and space to explore matters. It’s a process of recognising and appreciating the good things and strengths that are already there, by envisioning a desired future, by opening possibilities and agreeing a learning agenda to link them. 


This is done through a partnership between you and/or your team and a Your Insight coach/mentor. Change is a process, not an event. Growth and development take time, practice, feedback and awareness. We ask questions, listen actively, build and expand on each and every experience. We facilitate, help, support and encourage with the purpose to bridge ‘where you are now’ with ‘where you want to be’, to bring you closer to your ‘ideal’ self or team. We have only one agenda, yours!


We coach Individuals and Teams and have a specific approach to those who are New in Role.



When progress is blocked because there is conflict, whether in teams, between functions or departments or even between organisations that need to work together, such as in Strategic Alliances, the one thing NOT to do is ignore it.  If it cannot be addressed internally, a neutral third person can support all parties involved to resolve matters, re-engage and move on. 

Conflicts can be complex but the process to resolution is not.  Mediation is about establishing trust and respect which can be arrived at by listening to and supporting people to accept different realities and perspectives.  It explores with the parties involved the various outcomes and preserves relationships.  That generates productive next steps towards resolution and allows people to move on

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