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Advancing others

Two web seminars this week produced the following poll results amongst the attendees:

  • 75% typified the leadership style in their organisation as ‘command and control’;

  • 40% believe that coaching is remedial;

  • Over 50% use an annual appraisal format whilst ‘only’ 21% use a more continuous model of performance management.

These points are linked, together they indicate that coaching is still not seen as an important part of leadership. How can this work in increasingly complex, cross-functional, matrix and project and team led organisations?

Gone are the command-and-control days of executives managing by decree. Today businesses are run largely by cross-functional teams of peers who show little tolerance for unquestioned authority. People want or even demand a positive working experience which is closely associated with personal development.

Leaders have a choice between a comfortable delusion that results are the only thing that matter or a healthy route to progress by reaching a better relationship between advancing the business and advancing others in the organisation.

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