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5% or 10%

It is the 3rd time that the client asked to postpone the web-ex to discuss the study results; another client says she has only 30 minutes to discuss the 2019 plans and then is 30 minutes late as she was held up in another meeting; we're trying to get 7 people together for a 3-hours workshop but after 2 months and various Doodles we're not further than the initial positive intent.

Clive Woodward once said at one of his after-dinner speeches that everyone should spend 5% of his/her time 'on' the business and the rest 'in' the business. When someone stood up and said he didn't have time to spend 'on' the business Clive Woodward said: "Sir, you need 10%".

An earlier blog post (Time, Space and Work) discusses that 'less is more', 'intensity over length' and 'process and creativity'. It starts with making a conscious choice to schedule and spend more time 'on' the business; it is not something that happens automatically.

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