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In defence of teams

Diversity is challenging and even challenged. Fast solutions are often preferred to best solutions that may take a bit longer to formulate or implement. This African proverb says it all: "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together".

Cross functional collaboration is hard because the various functions have the need for identity, legitimacy and control. But should a sense of belonging and a need for justification of existence come at the cost of diversity?

When tasks are repetitive by all means develop a process, 'same-ness' and standardisation make sense. Increasingly though, challenges are complex and changes frequent and they require the input and expertise from different corners. Nevertheless, increasingly employees look at problems the same way which makes the workforce less effective.

Lack of diversity means less agility and increases vulnerability. Diversity makes us stronger and provides us with the resources to face the challenges, new and complex. Cross-functional teams are harder to manage in many organisational structures, but they are needed for those same organisations to be sustained and thrive.

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