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Your Insight Coaching,Mentoring & Mediation

We believe that the best way to make leadership and therefore work better is to help people to do things right, rather than the more traditional way of coaching which is often focused on correcting things that are wrong. By focusing on doing things right we can truly influence and change behaviours, actions and decisions.


Coaching and mentoring that way is one of the most effective interventions available to leaders when developing a team and themselves. Enrolling the expertise of a coach/mentor who has first-hand experience in the roles of you and your team adds further support and supervision that leaders very often simply do not have the capacity to give, to themselves and their team.


Whilst few seek conflict, we see and experience it regularly and sometimes at great cost. That's why we have added mediation to our coaching and mentoring practice, to support people, teams and organisations in dealing with conflict productively and timely, allowing all involved to move on.

Your Insight  provide that support. Our aim is to ‘Make Work Better’ 


How we work

Every individual, every team, every organisation is capable of doing (even) better than they are right now. Your Insight works with people, teams and organisations who want to do and lead better - themselves and others irrespective of hierarchy - and who want to improve, progress and remove blockers and achieve what they are capable of. 

We approach this in three ways...


You need to know where you, your team or your organisation are right now in order to determine what you need to do to grow, to develop and to progress. Awareness is a pre-requisite of change. We believe that those closest to the action and who feel the responsibility for the impact of their actions know how well things are going.


Most of the time, deep down, we already know what is needed to do things better, to make things better and to do things right. This can be uncovered through positive and engaging (at times challenging) conversations and by being given time and space to explore matters. 


When progress is blocked because there is conflict, whether in teams, cross functional or even between organisations that need to work together, we mediate and support all parties to resolve matters, re-engage and move on.


About Us

Hello, thank you for getting this far.


I am Erik Jan (Scholten) and run Your Insight. I am passionate about leadership and the impact it can have on people and the work they do and things they achieve. Rather than talk about myself, here is what some of those I have worked with say about the experience...


I experienced Erik Jan as a very open minded, friendly and inspiring expert and leader, always willing to listen and adapt his approach to the given circumstances. He wants to create the best solution together with the customer, trying to understand the underlying complexity before jumping to any kind of conclusions. His personal style is very inclusive, based on sincere interaction and exchange of ideas. He skillfully brings his vast experience in form of coaching or mentoring, asking very insightful, helpful questions in an informal and easily acceptable way. Interaction with them is a fascinating journey where authentic learning takes place. I can sincerely recommend him as a coach, a mentor and a leader to any national or international organisation striving for improvement and excellence. - Chief Commercial Officer

A selection of writing about listening, learning, leading and living in response to what’s happening around us.

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