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Who we work with

Our Clients

Our collaboration with our clients often results in longer term relationships working with different teams and people. That is because we develop an insight into their products and markets, their culture, structure and processes.

Most recently we have worked with:

General and
Business Unit
Heads and
Marketing Managers and 
Market Access Managers and Directors
Head of Sales
and Sales Directors


Your Insight experiences shared

I experienced Your Insight as very open minded, friendly and inspiring expert and leader, always willing to listen and adapt their approach to the given circumstances. They want to create the best solution together with the customer, trying to understand the underlying complexity before jumping to any kind of conclusions. Their personal styles are very inclusive, based on sincere interaction and exchange of ideas. They skilfully bring their vast experience in form of coaching or mentoring, asking very insightful, helpful questions in an informal and easily acceptable way. Interaction with them is a fascinating journey where authentic learning takes place. I can sincerely recommend them as a coach, a mentor and a leader to any national or international organisation striving for improvement and excellence. Chief Commercial Officer

Your Insight has a massive amount of business experience/knowledge, which they voluntarily share with the people they mentor. They are genuinely interested in all aspects of the work, business and private issues of the people they coach. Whenever possible they let people find out for themselves how to solve their problems/issues/challenges  through productive questioning. They are masters at active listening, are a creative and engaged partner who are really interested in the progress of your operation/project or your individual development. The business I lead has thrived because of their involvement and enthusiasm; it really has become a vibrant and progressive organisation. From my experience, I can honestly recommend Your Insight to anyone for all types of mentoring, coaching or business consulting. – Managing Director

The Your Insight coach is a very experienced, well informed and pragmatic leader who can translate insights from their own experience into the situation of others. They work in a consultative and adaptive way to the situation they are working on, using both good questions as well as pragmatic suggestions to help solve problems. They believe strongly in the power of teams in organisations and know what can make teams successful. They are also a pleasure to work with, everyone enjoys having them involved. – General Manager

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